Accutreated employs the use of Lumberguard and Lumberguard XT chemicals in its wood treating process. Lumberguard is a fully credentialed treating process, that is certified and listed with Intertek Laboratories, an internationally certified testing agency, and has achieved a Class A flame spread rating as determined by ASTM-E84/ASTM E2678 (30 minutes extended test procedure).  Additionally, Lumberguard has earned the Intertek CCRR (code compliant research report), which is comparable to the ICC-ESR evaluation report.

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Lumberguard has been certified and listed to be used with the following species of lumber/plywood products :

-SPF Lumber

-SYP Lumber

-HF   Lumber

-DF   Lumber

-SYP Plywood

-FIR  Plywood

Lumberguard treated products are non corrosive, and can be stained and painted over with no additional steps necessitated.

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